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> Domain name registration

We register domain names.

A domain name is that part of a web address that identifies where the web site is on the Internet.

Customers starting new web sites often ask us what domain name they should register. We advise them, based on what they want their company web site to achieve.

Many people register the wrong domain name for their business. They loose valuable points in the search engine game.

Domain name registration requires some degree of expertise. It does, if you want to avoid the pitfalls that occur when you do this yourself. Our staff have registered hundreds of domain names. They know how the domain name registration process works and understand the legal requirements. Purchasing through us ensures that your domain registration is correct and legally binding.

We will advise you the best domain name for your business.

> Check to see if your domain name exists

If you want to register a .com, a or a use this "whois" checker to find out if it has already been registered. [coming soon]

Domain names identify specific web sites and the countries associated with those web sites.

Domains ending with .com were originally intended to signify commercial organisations in the United States.

In recent times, they have become regarded as 'international' domains. Some of the new domain names, such as .biz, are also intended to serve as international domains. For UK businesses with web sites hosted in the UK it is preferable to have a domain name as your principal domain

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