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Training Off-Site

> Training provided at your offices

We can provide training at your business premises.

The advantage of this is that the trainee is learning in familiar surroundings.

We will of course charge more for this service as we have to recover the cost of having our trainers being out of the office, time spent travelling and in some cases over-night accommodation.

Even so, we have supplied many sessions of on-site training for clients.

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In order to propvide effective and high quality training, we need to have a suitable environment.

Some companies have separate training rooms which are fully equipped with computers and internet connections.

If your premises does not have a training room, you should be able to provide a room which is quiet, has computers and has a connection to the Internet.

What we try to avoid is attempting to train staff who are working at their own desks in the middle of a busy office. Worse still, is having training interrupted with telephone calls.

In some cases it might be better to undertake training at our offices or in a training suite, away from your offices.

> Added value extras

When someone has finished their training sessions with Cafe Networks, we are still here to help and support them.

All training clientsreceive up to three months of technical support in the subject covered by their training.

We also provide a special web site that is packed with online information, resources and links for the benefit of those who have received web design training from us.

Our trainers have many years of experience. They understand training methods and are expert practitioners in the subjects they teach.

Our web design team is a teaching practice - they both do web design and train others to do it.

This is not something you always get from the big national training agencies or from local FE colleges.

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