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At , we specialise in the Linux Operating System. All our servers are built with a Linux Open Source Software Solution at it's core.

Our solutions built using Linux and Open Source Software is designed to be integrated in to any type of network running or mixing Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Apple Macs and Linux Desktop Computers and Servers.

Because Linux and Open Source Software do not require commercial licensing; Server solutions tend to be significanty better value than Microsoft Windows based solutions both in the inital purchase and in the medium to long term.

We completely cutomise each server solution to the requirements of the client. This means that the solution does only what it is designed to do... there are not hundereds of programs installed that are not required. The benefit to the client is that the solutions generally runs on lower specification hardware, adding substancial additional cost savings to our Server Solutions.

To find out more about our custom built Windows/Mac/Linux Servers why not read a case study that shows the kind of custom built network server solutions have built and deployed as well as benefits the clients have recieved, please have a look at a relevant Case Study.

If you have a query or question regarding a custom server solution, please contact us.

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