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Internet Cafes and Wireless Hot-Spots

> Internet Cafes and Wireless Hot-Spots

We now have a new website that covers everything about our Internet Cafe products, please visit our new Internet Cafe in a Box website.

The ability to provide Internet Access for your customers is becoming
a significant additional revenue stream for a range of businesses
from bars, cafes and hotels, to business centres and waiting areas.

Cafe Networks can supply a range of different types of Internet Cafe
from basic simple wireless Internet access to fully supported complete
Internet access solution

> What is benefit of an Internet Cafe to your business?

With one of our systems, you will be able to

  • Add an alternate revenue stream to your business
  • Widen your market attraction
  • Entice customers to return to your premises
  • Increase profits with additional core sales

> Why buy a Cafe Networks supplied Internet Cafe?

  • Can be used as a wired and/or wireless (hotspot) Internet Cafe with
    no additional costs.
  • Extremely low initial investment requirement.
  • No monthly charges.**
  • No minimum contract period.**
  • No wait for profit rebates.
  • Set your own pricing.
  • Brand the Internet access system to your business.
  • No need for expensive computers.

** Monthly and minimum contract applies if broadband connection is
also supplied.

> Your Own Internet Cafe Branding

Change the look and feel of your Internet Cafe;

  • Have your own branded portal that customers log into.
  • Sell tickets printed with your own brand, design and/or graphics.
  • Display a selection of your menu, products or services on the first
    page they go to once authorised.

> Internet Cafe in a box

Our Internet Cafe in a box product is designed for clients who are
looking for an additional revenue stream for an existing or new
business, but; having an Internet Cafe is not the core business.

The Internet Cafe is simple to install and use. No technical knowledge
is needed to run or install the system.

You can use your existing broadband connection and equipment, the Internet Cafe in a box just plugs in and works. No configuration of the box or anything on any computer connected to it.

The system can be accessed but any computer running any Operating System with a network or wireless card; from Windows through to Macs and Linux. We highly recommend a Linux based Internet Cafe for the significant benefits of cost and security.

This type of Internet access solutions provides an Internet Cafe for up to four wired computers plus up to over two hundred wireless computers and wireless laptops. It can be expanded to give more wired computer access, however this is at additional cost.

> How does the Internet Access System actually work for you and your customers?

When your customers; either using your computers or using their own
laptops, connect to our Access Control Box, they are asked to supply a
username and password.

They will find this information on the ticket that you sell them. You
may sell your tickets at any price you choose; there is no pricing
information on the tickets.

(Graphic of business centre ticket)

This username and password is checked on our servers and Internet
access is granted for the length of time printed on the ticket.

Should the user not use all the time on their ticket, the username and
password remains valid. This encourages your customer to return to
your premises and use the rest of their time on another occasion.

If the ticket is fully used; the username and password is no longer
valid and your customer will be prompted to buy a new ticket from you.

> What do I get in this package?

  • Cafe Networks Internet Access Control System.
  • 10 free 15 minute tickets.
  • 10 free 30 minute tickets.
  • 5 free 1 hour tickets.
  • 4 A4 Posters to advertise your new Internet Cafe.
  • Access to our technical support line.
  • Access to our on-line ticket order gateway.

> On-line Ticket Ordering System

If you need more tickets, just visit our secure gateway and follow
these simple steps:

  1. Login to our secure gateway.
  2. Choose the number and type of tickets you
  3. Pay using your credit or debit card.
  4. The new tickets will be emailed to you within seconds.
  5. Print out the tickets using your own printer.
  6. Sell the new tickets to your customers!

> Fully supported Internet Cafe's

If being an Internet Cafe is your primary business, then Cafe Networks
can fit and install a solution to suit you.

From the initial design of the premises to the billing and support
systems; Cafe Networks can help in the design and implementation of
your Internet Access system.

Please contact Cafe Networks to discuss your requirements.

For more information about our Internet Cafe products, please visit our new Internet Cafe in a Box website.


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